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Beginners or Non Singers

Want to sing, but think you can't?

Complete novices (even the 'tone deaf') find within two
lessons that a basic regimen of breath and resonance
exercises has them making attractive and tuneful sounds that
are the basic building blocks of singing.

The emotional blocks that prevent many individuals
from starting are dealt with early and simply.

Confidence develops immediately.

"Before taking these (group) classes I had sung
in school long ago, but had never had
any singing lessons. All we did in choirs was
learn and perform songs. I had no preconceptions
about what singing classes might be like...
Julian has told us that anyone can learn to sing,
and we believe him. Julian is extremely patient and
encouraging. Julian tells us - individually, and in front
of the class - when we have been sloppy with technique.
But he does it so honestly and kindly that it does
not embarrass or belittle us...
It is hard work singing:
there is so much to think about."
Joanna T.

"Over the course of my first singing lesson, my
ideas of how and where the sound is produced,
how it leaves the body and the fundamentals of
breathing were completely challenged and
proved to be totally incorrect...
All in all I was surprised at how misconceived
my ideas were on how one sings!"
Deborah K.

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One hour private lessons:
on weekdays 9am to 5pm
$77 discounted to $528
(for a term of eight lessons)

Evenings 6pm to 8pm
$88 discounted to $605
(for a term of eight lessons)
Weekends negotiable.
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