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Developing Singers

Students who have had previous tuition or who already have
a developed singing skill are consistently and favourably
impressed with the immediate change in their conceptual
approach to singing - the way in which the process
of singing is explained helps the student to understand
their own thoughts about controlling their singing.
Sound quality will further improve (mature) with
a greater understanding of the universal and
fundamental place of the vowel form in human
communication. Most people are not aware of the
vowel sounds in words, as distinct from the written letters.

Do you know how to "invade the personal space
of your listener" (Helen S.), and fundamentally
move them, through a positive and conscious use
of your vowels?

"In previous singing lessons, I was given
basic scale exercises to a tape. Each student
would warm up in a room on their own
with no guidance from a teacher. The guidance
would be on the tape. I was presented with an
array of songs to take home and learn. They were
modern songs, so I only had the "imitation" of the
original singer to go by. I spent hours learning
words and making them "sound nice".
I never thought of vowels or breathing or the
diaphragm for that matter...
Julian has opened my mind..."
Lisa S.

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