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Experienced Singers

More experienced singers - I have the answers!
Answers to your questions about all elements of singing
technique and philosophy. You will find a new way of
thinking about the intricate details hidden in the singing text.
Your songs will improve because of your growing awareness of
the fundamental elements of the song.

Does your current teacher answer all of your technical
questions in a way that you understand?
Or do they demand more of your intuition?

Discover a system of handsigning which enables you
to access the power of the right brain and associated
subconscious processes. The handsigns will free your voice
and improve vocal tone and colour, while increasing the
stability of your singing sound.

How to develop vocal stamina, and generate exciting
sounds without working yourself into an emotional lather!

"I consider the technique and insight to singing that
I learned from Julian as a box of tools from
which I find I can readily draw upon the skills
to produce resonant and honest sounds.
The focus and emphasis that has been placed
upon the importance of vowels, and correct
vowel production, allows me to be taken on a true
emotional journey of the song, whereas I found
the traditional style of singing training caused
me to produce very sterile, unemotional performances,
which in turn required me to 'act' the song...
I have amazed myself and others (including my
former singing teacher) with how much I have
developed in strength and range within
a short period of time. People have commented on
sweetness and purity of tone and the versatility of
range, as well as the honesty of performance."

Winner of GATT Best Female Actress/Singer 2000
Libbie R.

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