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Singing Logic

(How does singing work?)

Singing is a skill that some of us
appear to have "naturally" while others think
(for example) that they're 'tone deaf'. However,
all of us regularly use the basic resonant sounds
of singing in daily communication. The strength of Singing
Logic is in showing how to connect this simple sound to the
absolutely fundamental elements of breath management,
sound placement and singing control.

Here at Singing Logic you will learn quickly, concisely and
rationally how to think your way into singing through
understanding of the fundamental elements. Singing is simply
an ability to marshall and control simple sounds that all
human beings can make - and do make regularly.

First learn to sing, then to sing a song.

"(Singing Logic) has provided me with the tools to
build each performance (and) made me aware of not
only the kinds of sounds I am making, but how to
consistently make these sounds...
I would equate (Singing Logic) with learning a new
language. First you must start with the seemingly
minute details and keep building from there.
At first these details may seem irrelevant...
it is only when you consolidate this knowledge that
you realise how important and pivotal
these details can be."
Lata P.

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